What to Expect

There will be a lot going on during the Invasion Weekend.  Here are some helpful pages to get you in the mood…

Invasion Schedule – Plan your time well!  Thar be a lot happenin’…

Thursday   |   Friday   |   Saturday   |   Sunday

Thieves’ Row – Purchase piratical wares from our carefully selected group of artisan and craftspeople!

Pirate Weekend VIP Pass – Enjoy special events on Thursday and Friday nights and other perks…

Parlay with Pirates– Meet up with the rest of your scurvy mates and feast and Treasure Auction on Friday night

Pirate Live Auction– Taking place during the Parlay, come and see pillaged loot from the four corners of the world.

Entertainment – Meet the folks and organizations who are going to amuse you!

Infamous Pirate Crews – Is your crew represented?

Photos – Photo gallery from past events and around Cedar Key

Code of Conduct – How we bretheren and sisteren have a safe, good time.

Lodging – Check our list of lodging providers for availability