What to Expect

There will be a lot going on during the Invasion Weekend.  Here are some helpful pages to get you in the mood…

Invasion Schedule – Plan your time well!  Thar be a lot happenin’…

Thursday   |   Friday   |   Saturday   |   Sunday

Thieves’ Row – Purchase piratical wares from our carefully selected group of artisan and craftspeople!

Info Booth – Get all your festival information at Pirate HQ

Pirate Weekend VIP Pass – Enjoy special events on Thursday and Friday nights and other perks…

Parlay with Pirates – Meet up with the rest of your scurvy mates and feast on Friday night

Entertainment – Meet the folks and organizations who are going to amuse you!

Infamous Pirate Crews – Is your crew represented?

Photos – Photo gallery from past events and around Cedar Key

Code of Conduct – How we bretheren and sisteren have a safe, good time.

Lodging – Check our list of lodging providers for availability

Cedar Key Photo Gallery