Cedar Key Pirate Invasion 2015


It has been rumored that John Laffite, the famous privateer, had buried some treasure somewhere in Cedar Key.

He is coming back to town under cover of darkness, with pirates from all over Florida and Georgia and a small armada of ships.

A contingent from the St. Augustine Garrison has been sent to Cedar Key to help protect the townfolks and try to keep some semblance of order.

It is rumored that the pirates will be setting up camp in the city park and taking over Dock street until the treasure is found.

Come, celebrate with the pirates. See how they lived on land when ashore. Learn from some of the finest reenactors on the East Coast. Are you smarter than the infamous privateer Jean Laffite? Can you find his treasure before the pirates can?


Watch and listen as the pirates set up an outpost in the city park, complete with trade and commerce. Come and purchase wares and clothing from foreign lands. Listen to rousing, toe tapping sea shanties.

Prepare for the parade Saturday morning. All the scallawags in town will be in attendance.

For the Little Pirates, a treasure hunt with Bloody Sam Rackham, Face Painting, games, a costume contest and an all-day search for the most infamous pirates in town. (see full schedule)

For the adult pirates, sample piratical libations all over town, be guided by the Pusser’s Passport, (available at the Info Booth), be entertained by the finest pirate musicians in the land, find treasures beyond measure at the thieves market.


Then prepare for battle. The struggle for Cedar Key happens in the park, on the beach and in the water on Saturday Sept 19th, which pirates will choose which side? Will the Garrison be able to maintain order, or will they join the pirates and split the treasure. Hear the clash of steel, the smell of gunpowder and the roar of the cannons!

Saturday night brings the Pirate’s Plunder Auction, (@Steamers). Find amazing wares from across the globe, all will be auctioned off and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Cedar Key Food Bank.

Sunday, enjoy breakfast with the pirates at the Island Room, interact with some of the most notorious pirates around. Then go to the park for more music, more fun and the final cannon shot around 4pm.

Only time will tell the outcome, but whatever happens, you are in for a weekend of fun, merriment and a piratical good time.



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Wondering what we’re all about? Check out some pix of Cedar Key and past Invasions …

Photo Credits: Thanks to Hawkeye Jim, Dan Hart, Ann Poche, Cindy Svec, Christine Ford, Taylor Murphy, John Lock and anyone else that we missed. As always, if we missed your contribution or if there’s a photo you want removed – email webwench@cedarkeypiratefest.com

2015 Highlights!

Volunteers Needed! Signup Here! - We be needin' some volunteers here - Somebody's gotta row the boat...

Historical Re-enactment- Visit an authentic pirate encampment in the city park.  See how real pirates lived and worked on land.

Thieves' Row - Pirate-themed vendors at the park and historical encampment.

Live Auction- Treasure auction to raise funds for local causes.

Pirate Memorial- Honoring those we lost with a special ceremony on Saturday evening

Info Booth- Centrally located and staffed with pirates to assist visitors

Private Fundraising Events - Pirates love to give back a bit of their booty to help those who need it. Stay tuned...

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