About Sponsorships

Why We Need Sponsors –

We are proud to say that we “Plunder for a purpose and Pillage for a cause”

We give when no one else can, we help those in who need it, whether it be food for those who cannot afford it, diapers for those in need or a helping hand when needed.

We are a group of people who play pirate, we dress up and have fun and at the same time raise money for good causes when necessary. You may have seen us, we try to make our presence known as much as possible.

Each year we try and grow the festival and in return it helps us assist local groups. We bring in pirates from all over Florida to help when we need it and we bring in people from up and down the coast for the Pirate Invasion Weekend to help the local businesses during the slower season in late fall.

We are proud of Cedar Key and the people here, we epitomize what a small seaside village is and was and will always remain. We are here to help in any way that we can, if we need more pirates we shoot up a flare and they come sailing in from all ports to help in any way that they can to help us achieve our goals.

We are asking for your support in any way possible, we need lodging for some of our acts, we need sponsorships so we can make the festival happen in the first place. Donations for raffle prizes are also helpful for our auction one evening. This year all proceeds will be donated to the Cedar Key School to aid in the construction of the new playground .

However you can help, help us bring more people to our beautiful community during a time when most businesses are struggling.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:

Email: management@CedarKeyPirateFest.com